Frequently Asked Questions
How does FileDriver for Chrome extension work?The chrome extension is an add-on for your browser that enables you to send files from wherever you are by clicking on the FileDriver Icon. It is secured, simple to install and has life-changing features like the Gmail integration!
Is it secured to install the chrome extension? Absolutely Yes! The extension is being reviewed by google on every version release to make sure it is secured and safe to use. We are working very hard to require only the bare minimum permissions to work.
How does FileDriver Works With My Gmail? The extension integrates with your Gmail, making it possible to send any file you want seamlessly without leaving your mail!
What is the max file size I can upload?Files up to 10GB can be uploaded on the free plan and up to 50Gb on the paid packages
Where can I see the files I sent?If you chose to create a link, you cae use the generated link to get to the download page. If you sent the files via FileDriver's email, make sure to add yourself as a recipient to get the link as well.